Monday, April 21, 2008

Welcome to the Neighborhood

I went shopping at IKEA last weekend and found these really cute but plain tea towels that are white with a red strip down each side. So I picked up a few of them, knowing that someday I would think of something to add to it. And yesterday was that someday. Here is one of the things I will use them for:

Now wouldn't that be cute to go along with a nice big plate of chocolate chip cookies?

Thanks for stopping by...Happy Monday!


Laura said...

OMGosh, Sandy...this so so adorable! I have to go find tea towels NOW to copy this and then stalk some new neighbors! What a fabulous idea. Do you have new neighbors? Hope you had a nice weekend1

Anonymous said...

Very nice. But one thing wrong your a crafter not a baker.LOL

Sandra Smart said...

and that is where you come in, dear sister of mine!
I am still waiting for my easter cut outs by the way.

Imagine That Digistamp said...

OH MY!! Well, I know that if IIII were new to the neighborhood and received one of these handmade bags/card etc. I would be forever grateful and feel very welcomed!! It's adorable!! What a fantastic idea. :D

Diane Noble said...

How cute is this! Great idea and a GREAT job producing the idea!

Anonymous said...

Sweet idea Sandy. I love coordinating stuff! peggyann