Monday, July 28, 2008

Beautiful Pond Lilies

I took my youngest daughter for a walk today around this really beautiful pond. It is just loaded with pond lilies. They are just so beautiful, I wanted to share a picture or 2.

Well, I'm off to do some more baby scrapbooking because I need to finish it by Wednesday!

Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Long time now. Fantastic pictures, and the "flowers" where wonderful. Beautiful colour. Fantastic cards too you have made.

Still have a nice summer...

Melissa~ said...

Wow, those are so beautiful! Great photos too!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! :)

♥ Melissa~
Pink Paper Peppermints

Laura said...

Wow!!!! Sandy, these pictures are just amazing. How close is this gorgeous spot from your house? Your photographs of this pond are absolutely wonderful, thanks for sharing this with us:0

Rochelle W said...

Look how Gorgeous!!!