Sunday, January 13, 2008

Is there no more Romance?

ok, doesn't anyone have a good proposal story? This is so sad!
Laura asked if she can comment on how she met her love, so the answer is yes!
Please, I need to hear some good stories!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra, I stumbled across your blog. I think your post for romantic stories caught my sleepy eyes! LOL
You have some very cute art here, and I will have to come back and spend more time here.
Funny, I have 6 children too!!!
I can share a funny proposal story. Sadly though, we are not together any more. My engagement ring was stuck in the middle of a rose....which was in a huge bouquet of roses. I admired the roses so much, that I never noticed the ring. He had to ask me if I found the "stinky" rose.....which I hadn't. He made me sniff each one, and finally I discovered the ring! Pretty sad isn't it, if I hadn't noticed it!
I've heard of some incredibly romantic and surprizing proposals in my time....there are some very creative men out there!
Love your idea! Blessings!

Linsey R said...

Well, I came to read some dreamy proposal stories--I know they're out there! Unfortunately, I am not able to contribute one either. Yes, I'm married to an amazing man whom I love dearly...BUT--he is the least romantic person I have ever met in my life! After living together for almost 7 years, I finally took him to a jeweler and picked out my own ring. Shortly thereafter, I told him that we were going to get married the following summer and I began planning the whole thing without much help from him. Basically, he showed up and felt that was fulfilling his duties. Oh yeah, he hated getting fitted for a tuxedo, going thru rehersals and dancing our wedding dance. Doesn't he sound like such a gem! He's all mine girls, so just forget about it! lol!
Sandra, thanks for the fun! Your blog is full of inspiration, tfs it! ~hugs~

Laura said...

So this is just before my 21st birthday...I had been seeing a guy for almost 2 years when he informs me on a Friday that he had been seeing someone else for a couple of months and is no longer interested in me AT ALL. Well, just 2 days before this on campus at the university I almost literally bumped into a boy I had dated in high school. We chatted for a minute and he says we should catch up sometime (yeah, right I was thinking) and asks me if I still live at home and rattles off the number from memory (he remembered that number for over 4 years). So on the tragic day of the break up, I am at home just sobbing to my mom when the phone rings and it is Tim asking if I would like to go out that very night. "Of course" I said barely containing my sniffles.

So he takes me to a really nice restaurant where half way through the night I share my tale of woe, and excuse myself to the restroom to freshen up. When I got back to the table he had ordered me a chocolate cake, well I was hooked:) We have been together ever since...tomorrow is our 15th wedding anniversary, but I have known him for over 20 years now.

Well, I hope that counts Sandy. I really feel like I had divine intervention...if that other guy had not broken up with me when he did, I probably would not have gone on the date that night. (I am a pretty loyal person). Thanks for letting me share my love story.