Monday, January 7, 2008

I've been tagged!

I know that may not be exciting for many of you, but to me it makes me feel like an official blogger now!
Laura, from sometimes I think is my only visitor cause she is usually the only commenter! ) has tagged me. I am so flattered because her work is unbelievable, so I do not know what she sees in mine!

So my task is to share 7 random or weird facts about myself:

1. I have 6 children and would have had more if my husband would have agreed to it, but I just could not talk him into it! ;)
2. I love chocolate pudding when it is hot.
3. I am very quiet and shy, so my husband thinks blogging is perfect for me since I do not have to actually have a conversation with someone.
4. I was a senior information security analyst for HSBC bank, quit that job and could not find
another, so now I work part time in a jewelery store.
5. I really want to go to Italy.
6. I attend a Bible study every Tuesday night, and it is so awesome!
7. I am 43 and I really want to get my nose that weird?

ok, here are the 7 people I am tagging! (sorry, I had to do it - your all so awesome!)

1. Rochelle at - she has really cute and original projects on her site. Such a huge source of inspiration!
2. Debby over at - Debby is a fellow Western New Yorker and a very talented person. She teaches classes all over the place. Will definitely have to register for some of them!
3. Leslie at - Check out the beautiful color combos on her cards and the great layering. Will be casing lots of her work! ;)
4. Angie at - Love the blog name Leslie! Need to learn how to do something? If so, she probably has a tutorial for it! Wait til you see all of the great stuff you can learn from her site! You'll be hooked just like me.
5. Michelle at - Another great site for tutorials. Lots of new and original work!
6. Claire at - The most beautiful cards from "Down Under"! your work!
7. And last but not least! Dini at - She makes beautiful cards and I must say that she was an inspiration to me before I started blogging. Her blog was the first blog I had ever visited! You can also have her design a really cool watermark for you! Which I will be doing!

So Laura,

Thank you again for tagging me! And for anyone reading this, make sure to check out Laura's blog because she has an awesome challenge going on! (which I am already working on!)

Love and blessings,



Rochelle W said...

Thanks for the tag Sandy. I will have to think about this one. I will post soon. P.S. I have my nose pierced. I got it when I was 25. I love it. You should do it.

Laura said...

I am soooo glad you played. I love reading these because the info. is so fun and interesting and you did not dissapoint, my dear! That is so cool about getting your nose pierced. Hugs, Laura!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tag, Sandra! I'll have to give this some thought... That's cute what you said about blogging being perfect for you as a shy person. Also, six children! You're a busy woman!