Saturday, January 26, 2008

My favorite card

ok, so my daughter who has just turned 9, has made a card for me. This is her very first card and I was so excited that she wanted to give it to ME!

So my husband had to take her to the eye doctor for an exam the other day and this was the conversation between the doctor and my daughter:

Doctor: "So, do you watch alot of t.v.?"
my daugher: "No, not so much anymore, ...I'm a crafter now."


Elizabeth S. said...

Very thoughtful of your daughter. Very nice card. It is good to see younger kids wanting to get into doing crafts and not just watching TV or video cames all the time.

Rochelle W said...

Is this the cutest card ever! She is quite the stamper. I love love love the glitter. I have three girls, they all stamp. My two younger ones are 5 & 6 and they call them selves "junior stampers" I totally think your daughter is a "junior stamper" I can't wait to see more from her.