Monday, August 11, 2008

Each day brings a new surprise

Well, it all started on Saturday when I received the email about being featured on, and then on Sunday, I received this nice little gift from my dear sweet friend Martha who likes to play digitally. Isn't this adorable? And she thinks she has no talent! Thank you Martha...I really do love it!

Then today I received not one but two surprises in the mail! This first one was a sheet of stamps that I had ordered from Stephanie
over at Homegrown Hospitality. So that was not the surprise. This sweet cute little lady added this to the envelope:

And then there was another envelope that was a total surprise from my friend Monica

How fun is that??!!! I have admired her cards made with these cute Magnolia stamps and now I get to make some of my own!!!

Thank you ladies for making my day! I love the gifts!!!

I really do not think this week can get any better!

Thanks for stopping by!


Martha said...

Well wasn't that sweet of you to put my tag on your site...Thank you for the compliment!!!


PS...There are 2 more headed your way :)

Catherine said...

that is way too cool, getting your magnolia images =) can't wait to see your creations with those girls =)

Anonymous said...

Oh what delightful surprises!
Enjoy, enjoy!

Laura said...

What great happy mail!