Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just a note

Hello! Just a quick update as to what I have been busy doing this week. Our church is having a community fun day today so we have been delivering flyers all week to 5,000 homes! Let me tell you, that is alot of walking! And yesterday I spent the morning driving my son back to school. This is his 3rd year of college and even though I just dropped him off yesterday, I already miss him!
Well, lots to do today at church, so I have to go get ready!

Have a great day!


Catherine said...

how sweet... my daughter is only in 3rd grade so i'm still lucky to see her everyday. =)

Laura said...

That is so sweet about your son, mine is at the age when I wish I could drop him off somewhere, kwim:) He is a good boy, but he is 12, maybe yours was a lot different than mine at that age.