Friday, September 19, 2008

Practical gift

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned in a post that I was getting reading for a Community Fun Day that our church was having. Well, it turned out awesome! There were approx 660 people from the community that stopped by to enjoy a lunch on us, and partake in some of the fun activities we had for the children. So, now that it is over, the leaders from our church are having a follow up meeting tonight to discuss our thoughts on the whole thing. I wanted to take a little gift along as a thank you for everyones hard work...but was not sure what to take as I wanted it to be something that they could use . So I figured since we will be talking about idea's for next years Community Fun Day, that a planner would be a good idea.

This cover was embossed both with a nestability and a cuttlebug folder. All of the text you see throughout the planner was done on the computer. I did stamp some images in a couple of places though and embossed them with ep.

I wanted everyone to have a little reminder of how awesome this years event was so I made little photo books, (matchbook style) which include 5 photo's. The stamp used for the date is from TAC.

Here is an inside look at the photobook:

A "notes to go" pocket (mini notebook is also matchbook style), and a pocket to hold receipts for next years event:

There is a pocket to hold donations. The next page is for the "Notes" section and holds notebook paper:

The last section of the planner is for contact information. I am sorry the the picture of the actual contact page did not turn out but I am too lazy to retake it!

Well, that's it for me today. Had to do 15 of them! And now I am off to make a dessert to take to the meeting.

Have a great Friday everyone!


Lisa Olson said...

WWOW, WOW, WOW, AND MORE WOW. I love this day planner, you are so talented. IO would love to make something like this...just have too much to do right now but maybe later in the year I will ahve a go.

Hope your m-i-l is ok?

Nancy Jensen said...

AMAZING! I love your planner. What a sweet gift!

Did you alter premade planners or did you make the planner from scratch... including punching the holes and putting in the wire? (I'm curious because I have seen some new tools that help you make your own books from scratch!)

You are very talented and again, what an AWESOME planner!

Nancy Jensen said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I found you from Diane's Designs. :)

Diane Noble said...

Sandy, I love your planner idea. I'm having a class in several weeks on one and have been collecting samples. Do you like the way you bound it. I'm liking the look of less rings, or two sets of rings instead the full binding. Just wondered how you like it from a practical standpoint. Love your content pages. Great!